” Young girls that LOOK UP TO ME!!! You do not need MEN TO MAKE IT!!!” Tacha proudly reveals


Reality TV Star Natacha Akinde popularly known as Tacha has taken to her Instagram page to brag about the fact that she make legit Money without sleeping or begging any man for it. She revealed this on Twiter as she talks about how hard she had to work just to get to where she currently is.

She then encourage her fans especially ladies not to depend on Men to survive claiming Men are only bonus and not a ladder to climb to the top. She wrote: The fact men don’t sponsor my finances dey pain a lot of people!! Are you ANNOYED!!!? ANNOYED

I will loud it!!! If e easy RUN AM!! I will loud loud loud it!!! As e dey pain you E dey sweet me

you think it’s easy as a woman to make legit money in this our society!!?? I laugh in “Don’t Loud it” I will keep lauding it for all the young girls that LOOK UP TO ME!!! You do not need MEN TO MAKE IT!!! They just should be a bonus not a LADDER TO UPGRADE!

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