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My House help Has Demanded A Salary Increment-Benedicta Gafah Says

Entertainer Benedicta Gafah as of late made public a discussion she had with her female servant, who mentioned a compensation climb because of Ghana’s increasing cost for most everyday items.

Benedicta Gafah affirms that she has consented to her maid’s requests since she can appreciate the grievances of her compatriots in Ghana with respect to their monetary circumstance.

The Kumawood star guaranteed on Facebook on Wednesday that costs had expanded fundamentally because of the Ghana cedi’s devaluation against the US dollar.

The 30-year-old wrote in a Facebook post dated September 6 and it peruses;

“My househelp politely asked for an increment in her monthly salary, then I asked her why I should do that..she said due to the high prices of basic needs, the money is unable to sustain her for the whole month…

And it dawned on me that 1 dollar is now 10gh. So she’s right about it…And I honestly love the fact that she was able to open up to me, not forgetting she’s a single mother as well….And we all know that once the dollar goes up, it rapidly affects the price of every single thing. Interesting times,”

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