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DKB Curses Graphic Reporter Over ‘DKB Is A Boring Comedian Says Nana Konadu’ Report

Famous Ghanaian comedian DKB has rained curses on a Graphic reporter who made a report on ‘DKB is a boring comedian, says Nana Konadu.

According to the comedian the false publication that Nana Konadu walked out of his show over claims that he was boring has hurt him making it hard for him to forgive the reporter.

Apparently DBlack stated that Ghanaians need to see DKB’s full potential.

While reacting he mentioned that his brand was totally destroyed by the report made by the Graphic reporter.

Recounting how damaging the report by the Graphic reporter did to his brand he wrote;

QUICK HISTORY: After my performance at #tropicalfiesta2022 3days ago, he told me I needed a special and I told him in 2016 I did the 1st ever #Ghcomedy special dubbed #DKBpointofview which I intended to repeat every year but in 2017 Jane Owoo at @graphicshowbiz destroyed my brand with the fake story “DKB is a boring comedian says NanaKonadu” to prevent a 2nd edition due to drop of ratings?‍♂️

I was pained from deep within my heart and hurt to the core, so I decided to stay away from my own show, to avoid discouraging patronage since more people now hated me than loved me.

I have tried several times to forgive her for this stupid thing she did, but anytime I try it comes back to bite me, I lose a show from that story and that makes it difficult to forgive.

God will punish her massively for every single pain she’s caused me. I pray Psalm 109 on her head. She’ll suffer miserably.

What did I do to you for you to destroy my brand in suffered building? with the name of a highly respected person, Nana konadu, a former first Lady, how bad do you want to crash my career?

It’s only witchcraft that will make you do such a foolish thing.

The issue was so high and damaging to my image, even Nana konadu herself booked me to perform at her 70th bday to prove to me she’ll never say such a thing.

This sweet post from Dblack has aggravated the wounds I’ve covered, cos if it wasn’t for that witch, my comedy special would have been in it’s 5year anniversary.

No matter how hard they try they can never break me, I’ve fought to uplift Ghana comedy and I’ve fought maintain my sanity in this dirty gutter of hatred and envy.

More works coming soon, all enemies should prepare for more shame.

Kwasiafuor! ? ? ?

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