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31st Night: You Will Be Arrested If You Go Against Police Directive-Police To Pastors

The Ghana police service has emphasized its stand to deal with any religious leader or man of God who make prophecies that causes fear and panic among Ghanaians.

According to the police service and man of God who will disregard the caution from the police to make doom prophecies using mass media to communicate it will be apprehended.

Speaking on TV3’s 2021 review the Police said; “The Police is not opposed to religious freedoms. Prophecy is something when it is done it needs to be done in a lawful manner in a proper way.

“We are saying, when you are communicating such things, make sure that you do not create fear and panic, you do not negatively impact on the lives of families, individuals, groups, associates, among others, and also visiting deaths and other things on people.

“One thing is, who even appointed somebody to determine that, to put that person in perpetual fear? One thing we want to know is, as a church, if somebody is in your church and you have seen something it is good that you arrange and meet that person, discuss it and see how as Christians how you can deal with it but not to use the mass media pronouncing deaths , pronouncing sickness and other mishaps. That is unaccepted and when you create fear and panic, I bet you, the Police will move in to apprehend whoever is doing that. We have put a sound argument across that we want everyday to respect the constitution , respect the laws, individual freedoms.

“We are not saying we are going to use the law to cower any religious figure or personality, that is not the case. This thing has become a worrying trend.”

Meanwhile founder of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie has said that he is not a coward and that he will make the prophecies in all confidence.

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