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I Though ‘Washawasay’ Was In A Negative Light-Cecilia Marfo

Social media sensation and gospel musician Cecilia Marfo has revealed that she thought the popular ‘washawasay’ song on social media was in a negative direction.

She noted that when teasing videos of her ‘washawasay music hit online, she almost cried her heart out because she thought it was a negative publicity.

”I almost cried because when I saw the video I though it was a negative publicity. I said God is this where they have sent me to? But God said I should be calm. I said what problem is resurfacing.

He is strongly convinced that the trend was God’s way of blessing her for something she had prayed for.

She noted that the trend came at a time she knew nothing about it, adding that it happened as a result of her prayers.

She expressed excitement over the fact that the song is now used by many.

”A lot have happened to me and God said he is using this to make me happy and smile again. It hasn’t been easy but this has made me smile after the storm. When the song is sang, I become happy, I see the videos and it brings me joy. I have recorded this song for two years but it’s now that it has become a hit.”, he said on XYZ TV.

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