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Shocking As Atubiga Escape Death After Being Poisoned By Friend

The former member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Stephen Atubiga who is found of blasting the party after his exit has disclosed that he was nearly killed by his confidant.

Narrating how it happen, he revealed that his friend visited with Sandwich and bought and sandwich for him but little did he know that his was poisoned.

He noted that after his friend succeeded in poisoning him, while on his sick bed his friend edited his party’s documented and added his name as co-founder with the defence that he is protecting the party for Atubiga’s wife and children in case he dies.

”Stephen Atubiga writes!!.

”After surviving food poisoning through my best friend they used to get me. This is how he was used to get me. My very closed friend/ confidante called me on my availability home to bring sandwich for us to eat together. Little did I know the one handed to me was poisoned. After he compromised with my enemies to take my life. On my sick bed it was discovered he even sneaked his name in the NLC as co founder when I taxed him to Edith the documents. When I got better and confronted him.

”Why he that,( His defence to me was, he is protecting the party NLC for me. In case I Die.) For my wife and children. An interesting topic to discuss soon I have also been able to resist their direct and indirect attacks. those cowards NDC members after my life will keep failing as God is my protector”, a part of his statement of Facebook read.

He further accused the NDC for conniving with his friend to eliminate him.

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