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NDC Should Beg Keta People For Forgiveness For Doing Nothing For Them All These Years-Stephen Atubiga

The former member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Stephen Atubiga has fired both the leadership and members of the NDC for neglecting the people of Keta.

In a Facebook post, Stephen Atubiga noted that the NDC since 1992 gets around 80,000 and more votes from the people of Keta but have been unable to do anything for them since the many years that they have been in power.

”The good people of Keta alone from 1992 give the NDC around 80.000 + votes to date. And what has the NDC done for them throughout all these years they have been in power?”, a part of his statement read.

He went on to say that the NDC should beg the people of Keta for forgiveness for neglecting them for long despite their loyalty to the party.

”The NDC should be begging and apologizing for forgiveness from the good people of those areas affected by the tidal wave. Their loyalty has been taken for granted long time”, he added.

Meanwhile Ghanaian musician turned political activist, Kwame A Plus has said that anyone who thinks Nana Akufo-Addo can help the next NPP flagbearer to win the 2024 election has mental problem.

He noted that owing from the records of past President who haven’t been able to help their party’s flagbearer there is no way Nana Addo can help in breaking the NPP’s eight.

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