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NDC Should Be Ashamed For The Predicament of The People of Keta-Stephen Atubiga

Former member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Stephen Atubiga has descended heavily on the party for the predicament that has befallen the good people of Keta.

In a post on Facebook he mentioned that although the government of Ghana is being held accountable for what has befallen the people of Keta and it environs the NDC should be ashamed of themselves for neglecting those areas for long.

”In as much as we hold the government for the predicament, of the good people of Keta and its surrounding, The NDC should be ashamed of themselves for the negligence and neglect of these areas for a long time”, he wrote on Facebook.

They neglect your loyalty, then bring you Food and mattresses during your difficulty as the result of their neglect. And you are there dancing and singing with joy like those items will not finish or perish. My inlaws why? Why,? Why? Until you people led the resistance of neglect from them, there is little some of us your inlaws can do. I am extremely angry discerning members of the NDC putting all the blame on this current government, the hypocrisy of the political blame game must be stopped by the NDC, and accept disappointing the people of keta.

The good people of Keta alone from 1992 give the NDC around 80.000 + votes to date. And what has the NDC done for them throughout all these years they have been in power? The same effect of neglect showing now on the keta areas and surrounding by the NDC for many years. is the same showing on the youth, the grassroots, and foot soldiers throughout the country. The NDC should be begging and apologizing for forgiveness from the good people of those areas affected by the tidal wave. Their loyalty has been taken for granted long time. Blaming the NPP Government alone is neither here nor there. if you didn’t take care of your children when you got the opportunity. What moral right do you have to hold your rival Accountable for the neglect of your children? And when we speak the voice of the weak and neglected ones, for people to sit up in our mother party. You would have the same victimized people hypocritical insulting and disrespecting back. Well, over to you all. Love you all, he added.


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