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Alleged Baby Mama of Adinkra CEO disgraces him for allegedly neglecting his 4 kids but sponsoring 4 days wedding ceremony

Alleged baby Mama of The Ceo of Adinkra pie who recently got married to the love of his life, Anita Sefa Boakye has come out with news information about how he allegedly treats his 4 kids and his baby mama.

According to the alleged mother of 4, The CEO who spent lavishly to cater for his 4 days wedding is an irresponsible man who has neglected his 4 kids.

She claim the groom, Nana Barima Osei Mensah cannot even send money for his kids when they are sick and needs to be taken to the hospital but can organise 4 days expensive wedding just to feed others while his kids suffer.

She claim Barima Osei Mensah is an alleged womaniser who has tricked so many women with the promise of marriage and sometimes go ahead to meet families of the girl to assure them of marrying their daughter.

She then invoked curses on him claiming he ill pay for what he did to her and that Karma will soon deal with him. Ready post below

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