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Leaked Chat Of Xandy Kamel’s Husband Proposing To Her Goddaughter Pops Up Amidst Divorce Saga

Actress Xandy Kamel has admitted in a live video that her husband Kaninja has been cheating on her with other women but she has been trying so hard not to bring it out.

According to her currently her husband is cheating with his ex-girlfriend despite being married to her (Xandy). This revelation from the actress comes as a shock because many social media folks thought all is well with them especially when they recently celebrated their first marriage anniversary.

Amidst their divorce saga, one goddaughter of the actress has dropped chats between herself and Xandy’s husband where he was confessing his love for her as well as pushing to buy her potato chips if she wants him to do so.

The leaked chat has surprised some fans of the actress because they feell Kaninja jas no respect for Xandy either than that he wouldn’t be chasing her own goddaughter.


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