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Joyce Mensah Confirms Being Pregnancy With Catholic Priest In Hamburg

Former Ghanaian HIV/AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has announced that she is expecting another baby despite facing difficult times in her life due to her AIDS status.

According to the actress a Catholic priest in Hamburg where she lives currently fathered the baby and she doesn’t see it as the right time to have another child.

In a Facebook post she called her father in his grave to help her since she can’t bare with another pregnancy again.

Recall that not long ago she had an interview with Kofi Adoma on Angel TV where she opened up that she is finding it difficult to live because she faces constant rejection from everyone because she opened up on her HIV/AIDS status.

Well few months after the interview she has announced that she is expecting a baby.

?Oh God please help me . I can’t be pregnant now?

?I haven’t slept the whole night ?Oh my dear father in the grave please help your daughter for i cannot bare another pregnancy again. ?
The man responsible too is a catholic Priest in Hamburg I had an IUD last year but why again? I will go for another pregnancy test on Monday and if it’s still true, I will sue the facility who did this unprofessional IUD family planning for me???


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