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Paul Okoye’s Wife Allegedly Sues Him For Doing The Do with Their House help

In recent times marriage seems to be under serious attack as many collapse and Paul Okoye's marriage is no exception. According to Nigerian blogger Gistlover Paul Okoye's marriage is at the wedge of collapsing. This news comes as a heavy blow to many of his fans and love ones.In a recent expose by the blogger he claimed rude Boy popularly known as Paul Okoye got charged by his wife for sleeping with their housemaid. A screenshot of the lawsuits by Anita the wife of rude boy was shared by the blogger on social media.

Defunct Music Duo, P-Square Back Together As They Smoke Peace Pipe

The defunct Nigerian music duo, who have gone on separate paths for years now are finally back together as they have both been seen following each other on social media unlike in the past. In a video fast circulating on social media they were seen having a good time in Paul Okoye's apartment. Apparently the two have settled their differences and are no longer at logger heads. As evidence that they have reunited Peter wrote; My dear fans, P-Square is back. Ours is a journey that started from our mother’s womb. It

Paul Okoye Celebrates His Twin Brother, Peter And Wife Lola on Their 8th Wedding Anniversary

Information reaching us from a credible source is that the once upon a time P-Square who broke up to form their own music team are finally back together. The cause of their reunion is something we find pleasure in updating you in our subsequent stories. But Paul Okoye has proven to the world that indeed he and his brother are back together after taking to his Instagram stories to celebrate his twin brother and his wife on their 8th wedding anniversary. Their reunion is more than good as we all miss hearing
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