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Nebraska Arik Gilbert Arrested for Robbing Store

Well, a thief when caught will always claim it’s the first time he’s committed such a crime. Some even deny the act when caught live. Guess who’s joined the company of Burglars….and has been busted by the police; Gilbert, a former five-star recruit. Police responded to the break-in and saw Gilbert exiting while carrying a bag .

Nebraska tight end Arik Gilbert was arrested on Tuesday on a burglary charge, according to multiple media reports, Gilbert was taken into custody in the early morning hours after he allegedly robbed a vape shop at 2 a.m. local time and was taken in with a bag of goods worth over $1,600.

He he was found possessing vape materials, cigars, Delta 8 products and lighters from SJ’s Liquor and Vape Shop. In December, Gilbert entered the transfer portal before making the decision to transfer to Nebraska in January. Despite the transfer, Gilbert is still seeking a NCAA waiver to be eligible to play this season.

In footage posted, the owner of SJ’s Liquor & Vape, Gilbert can be seen at first walking pass the store’s front door before he appears to move to the rear of the building.

Upon arriving at what is seemingly a back door of the shop, Gilbert suddenly appears shirtless and to as if he has tied the grey shirt he was seen wearing when he walked previously past the front door as a face covering.

Gilbert then used some cement he found in the parking lot to throw at the door and break the glass as if he was a star quarterback as opposed to a tight end.

After, camera then shows him kicking in a door after several failed attempts . Gilbert walked around the store as he searched behind the counters for the merchandise he attempted to steal.

As he finally attempted to leave with his bag of stolen merchandise, another camera shows Gilbert eventually dropping the bag and stop dead in his tracks as a multitude of officers were standing in the same doorway he was attempting to flee from.

Last week, Nebraska coach Matt Rhule told reporters that he hoped to know whether the former LSU and Georgia tight end would play ahead of the Cornhuskers’ season opener on Thursday against Minnesota. Gilbert transferred in from Georgia, and needs an NCAA waiver to play in 2023.

As a freshman at LSU, Gilbert registered 35 receptions for 368 yards. After his stint in Baton Rouge, he was initially slated to continue his career in the SEC, briefly committing to Florida before he ultimately enrolled at Georgia instead. Personal issues kept him away from the Bulldogs program in ’21. Last season, Gilbert recorded two receptions in three games.

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