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Yazzi Sangari – GHOne TV Presenter Allegedly Drugged And S*xually Assaulted.

A presenter of GHOne TV, Yazzi Sangari has gone viral after being s*xually assaulted.

A London girl in Accra known as Soshez Fashion has been fingered as the alleged mastermind of the dr*gging and r*ping of a Ghone tv   presenter identified as Yazzi.

A report alleges that Yazzi was r*ped after she was dragged during a night out with some friends.

According to the report, one of her friends identified as Coco drugged her and allowed her friends to sleep with her.

She is also said to have allowed her boyfriend and herself to enjoy 3-some with her after the gang rape.

Coco reportedly filmed the whole incident and recently used it to threaten and blackmail Yazzi when they had a fight.

Meanwhile, Coco told Yazzi she was also drunk and didn’t know what happened to her when she asked.

The case is in the hands of the police and the American Embassy to ensure that justice is served.

Yazzi Sangari is an American Ghanaian journalist who works at GHOne TV. She is also a model and an actress.

According to Sel’s report, the three went out for a night out and during the evening, drugs were slipped into Yazzi’s drink.

Following that, they went back home for a good time despite the presenter allegedly being drugged.

The whole incident was allegedly also recorded by Soshez Fashion and later used to threaten Yazzi after the duo got into a fight!

Following this, the matter was reported to the police and the boutique owner was arrested and released on bail.

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