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Victims Of Singer R Kelly Are Expected To Receive Over $500K Of His Music Royalty Payment

The victims of embattled singer; Robert Kelly, affectionately called R.Kelly, are expected to receive over 500k dollars from the singers royalties. According to legal documents, The money is set to be divided amongst Kelly’s multiple victims, who have only received a sum of $27K in restitution from the singer.

The singer who was accused of sexual harassments and child pornography, was jailed to 20 years imprisonment and has since faced the wrath of the law.

A New York court has ordered Universal Music Publishing to use R. Kelly’s royalties to pay more than $500,000 debt stemming from his federal trial.

According to court documents Pinax News have sighted, a judge approved an order of garnishment Wednesday filed by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn. Judge Ann M. Donnelly ordered Universal Music Publishing to pay the court a restitution debt of $520,549.90 plus interest within 10 days. The judge said;

“It is hereby ordered that within ten days of receipt of service of a certified copy of this Order, the Garnishee shall issue a check payable to the court in the full amount of the restitution debt owed by the Defendant,”.

According to court documents, the outstanding balance of Kelly’s restitution fee was $506,950.26, as of Aug. 15. Back in June, Universal Music Publishing told the court it had in its custody, control, or possession, music publishing royalties totaling $567,444.19 from Kelly’s music. Meanwhile, Universal Music Publishing previously parted with Kelly in 2019.

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