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I nearly killed myself at some point – Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki)

Nollywood legend Chinedu Ikedieze, widely known as Aki, rocked the internet with his latest revelation regarding his background Aki recounted a time when he attempted suicide on being bullied for stunted growth in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo. After a string of heinous encounters that drove him insane, the actor said he considered jumping off the third mainland bridge.He Jokingly thank God that he was not staying in lagos at time, he would have been dead out of suicide by now.

The veteran described how his family’s doctor made the formal diagnosis of his condition at age nine after seeing that he was not developing as his friends were. The actor said that after learning of his diagnosis, he decided to look up the definition and pronunciation of the word “retardation” in a dictionary.

He said in the video how he heard the doctor breaking the news of him having stunted growth, where he recalled his struggle with accepting his condition at nine years old.

The Actors exact words in the video:

“I remember the doctor speaking to my mother and then telling me ‘What you have is stunted growth, I saw another word, ‘growth retardation’, I was looking for the meaning of the word but first of all how to pronounce it,”

Aki further disclosed that when he met Pawpaw, his colleague, they decided to be successful movie partners. He also emphasised the fact that people stared at them because of their height.

The actor, however, expressed his gratitude to God for seeing him through the depressive times.

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