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Ghana’s Top 10 Corrupt Governmental Organisations

The United Nations (UN) revealed the top bribe-taking organisations in Ghana following a survey done in the nation for 2021.

According to the statistics, the Lands Commission, an agency under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, accepts the most bribes in Ghana, with an average bribe amount of 1669.

Following the commission, the legal system – prosecutors, judges, and magistrates – documented an average bribe size of 1,204.

Ghana Immigration Service officers ranked third on the list of top bribe-taking governmental officials in Ghana, with a bribe amount of 950.

Local government representatives placed fourth, followed by GRA customs officers in fifth place, passport agency officials in sixth place, teachers, lecturers, and professors in seventh place, public utility officials in eighth place, doctors, nurses, and midwives in ninth place, and DMV officials in tenth place.

The poll also revealed that, in between 70% and 97% of the public services they provide, the majority of these organisations accept bribes or ask for them.

Additionally, public officials in the Oti Region demanded or accepted bribes in more than 91% of their tasks, followed by the Northern Region (89.2%), Upper East (83.4%), North East (81.2%), Upper West (80.3%), and Ashanti (70.4%).

Bright Simons, vice president of IMANI Africa, declared on Twitter on Sunday, August 13, 2023, that the UN statistics revealed that “teachers and professors in Ghana are the most polished when taking bribes; they tend to avoid cash the most.”

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