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Lizzo Accused Of CHEATING With Boyfriend Myke Wright

Wow, when the floodgates open, it ALL comes out, doesn’t it?

In the aftermath of Lizzo being hit with a lawsuit from her former backup dancers — alleging sexual harassment and weight discrimination among other things — she’s being accused of something completely different. A woman is coming out saying she STOLE her boyfriend and has revealed a heavy secret!

For those who don’t know, the flutist has been dating Myke Wright for nearly two years now. They were first seen together in October 2021. For a while it was just rumored they were together, though he’s been accompanying her to red carpets since the summer of 2022. They’ve known each other for years, since they hosted a short-lived music show on MTV called Wonderland.

Little else is known about their relationship. Certainly not THIS little tit bit!

A woman named Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown is now claiming Lizzo swooped in while she and Myke were in a relationship — for 10 YEARS!

In a TikTok captioned “the time my boyfriend left me for Lizzo,”

She captioned;

“She and my boyfriend were co-hosting a show on MTV called Wonderland. And no, she wasn’t very nice. She wasn’t very nice to me. I knew she didn’t like me… I kind of ignored it because I felt like, well, she’s already in the celebrity scene or whatever, so she probably just feels like she just has better things to do than talk to me. She didn’t say anything that was mean, but she was really standoffish… or like wouldn’t talk to me, you know, like when I talked to her, it was like, ‘get the f**k away from me. I eventually found out that she and my boyfriend had something going on. Ex-boyfriend. And that was that. I left the relationship. it was heartbreaking. I was with him for 10 years, I supported him through everything. When he finally got a big break, he left me for Lizzo.

I went through a really difficult period of time trying to be OK with this because it wasn’t just like, ‘Oh I broke up with my boyfriend,’ it was like ‘Oh, I broke up with my boyfriend and he left me for a person who wasn’t very nice to me and turned out to be like, after the fact, after we broke up she became a Grammy-Award winning celebrity, and everybody in the world loves her and her message is like love and light and positivity, after knowing how she treated me.’

But I didn’t want to say anything because it made me sound like a whiny little baby or something. So I didn’t… When I did talk about it, I didn’t name her because I didn’t feel like I’d be supported or people would care. Like people love her. So why would I try to like drag her name or whatever?”

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