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“Lizzo Is Not Important” – Tina Knowles Addresses Beyonce’s Alleged Lizzo snub”

Tina Knowles, affectionately called ‘Mama T’ is setting the record straight on why her daughter Beyonce snubbed Lizzo’s name while performing and rather chant “Badu..Badu..Badu” at her renaissance tour. Tina Knowles has appeared to refute the theory that her daughter Beyoncé dropped mentioning Lizzo on tour because of a lawsuit. But what really was the reason for Beyonce not mentioning Lizzo’s name..? well Tina is here with the answers.

The lyrics to the song include references to “Betty Davis, Solange Knowles, Badu, Lizzo, Kelly Rowl,’ Lauryn Hill, Roberta Flack” and other prominent women, which Beyoncé recorded with Madonna.

But soon after three of Lizzo’s former dancers filed suit against her over harassment and hostile work environment allegations, which Lizzo has denied, some concertgoers noticed that Beyoncé instead sang “Badu” multiple times. That led some to believe the superstar was distancing herself from Lizzo.

In an interview a rep from TMZ engaged Mama T, she dropped a bombshell on the claims and also sent a heavy warning to fans, comparing her daughter to Taylor Swift.

Knowles jumped in the comments on an Instagram post about the alleged snub and wrote;

“She also didn’t say her own sister’s name yal sic you should really stop,”

Well, looks like Tina is doing her ‘mama’ duties by protecting her daughter Queen B away from the serious public criticisms. she again spoke about rumors that Beyonce tours around with her private toilet. Well, Mama T says that allegation is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!!

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