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Shocking Theft: Cecilia Dapaah’s Home in Abelemkpe Robbed of US$1m and €300k, Court Reveals

In a recent development, it has been revealed that Cecilia Dapaah, the Minister for Sanitation in Ghana, has fallen victim to a robbery committed by her own house helps. This incident came to public attention on July 20th, 2023, when the accused individuals were brought before a judge, and the prosecutors presented their case against them. In a recent development, the prosecution has revealed that two house helps, Sarah and Patience, allegedly conspired with their partners and other individuals to carry out a robbery at the residence of a minister.

The stolen items include a substantial sum of $1,000,000, 300,000 euros, valuable jewelry worth $100,000, clothing and accessories worth $200,000, and a significant amount of Ghana cedis. The authorities are currently investigating this incident further. In a recent incident, the prosecutor has shed light on the events surrounding the break-in at Minister Abelempke’s residence. According to the official statement, two individuals managed to gain unauthorized access to the minister’s home. Surprisingly, they accomplished this by using a duplicate key to bypass security measures.

Once inside, their primary target was the minister’s safe, from which they successfully made off with all her money. These details, as shared by the prosecutor, provide a clearer understanding of what truly transpired during this unfortunate incident. According to prosecutors, a recent investigation has shed light on how two individuals utilized the funds in question. It has been alleged that the accused individuals used the money for various purposes, such as renting three-bedroom apartments, purchasing cars, and settling outstanding debts. The total amount involved in these transactions is reported to be 3 million Ghana cedis. One of the accused individuals allegedly received 1 million cedis, while the other received 200,000 cedis.

Additionally, several others were said to have received 100,000 cedis each. The incident that occurred between July 2 and October 2022 has yet to receive any comment from the minister. In a recent court hearing, one of the main suspects, Sarah, was granted bail. The judge’s decision was based on the fact that Sarah is a nursing mother who is currently breastfeeding. This ruling takes into consideration her maternal responsibilities and the need for her to be present for her child’s care. Pinaxnews, a reliable source for up-to-date news, is committed to providing you with the latest updates on this unfolding story. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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