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Passenger and Trotro mate fight dirty over new fare reduction

GPRTU informed the public last Friday that transportation fares should be decreased by 15.3% starting on Monday, December 19, 2022.Transportation costs have decreased as a result of the drop in gasoline prices. Although Ghanaians enthusiastically embraced this positive development, some commercial bus drivers and their conductors have defied the GPRTU’s order.

Many commercial bus riders have been sharing their bad experiences with certain obstinate trotro buddies who have refused to lower the transport fares despite the order from the GPRTU since yesterday. A recent video that has appeared online shows a passenger physically abusing a Trotro mate while the car was in motion. According to the commentary on the video, the passenger and the mate got into a quarrel after the bus conductor charged him the old fee price instead of the new one. In an effort to recover his money, the irate passenger resorted to physical violence.

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