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Nana Agradaa shows her ‘real face’ on IG with no makeup for the first time

Nana Agradaa has given netizens a lot to discuss after she arose on Instagram without a cosmetics and in this manner showing us her ‘genuine face’ interestingly, presumably.

Clearly the substance of her video has to do with her unedning fights with enemies from different camps. For a lady who guaranteed she is an evangelist and has her own congregation where she teaches the good news of christ, we figured her way of life will mirror her new feeling of new heading.

Be that as it may, it has been one show to other as she utilizes foulness and castigation to battle her apparent adversaries and the individuals who dare cross her pledge accidentally.

Past that, it’s her no cosmetics face that has mixed responses, as opposed to the fits she was tossing in the video.

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