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Pray for long life first if You want to see how I will look in my 50years, No be you get the life” Bobrisky advise his Critics

Popular Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky has sent a strong message to her Critics who claim they cant wait to see how she would look in her old age. Bob is popular known for switching his gender from the male to the female.

He is also popular known for dressing in the female attire, wearing make up, nails, wigs and other feminine stuffs just to enhance his looks. He has also bleached his skin to suit his new status as a Transgender. Some of his fans and followers have warned his several claiming he might suffer it effect when he gets older.

Reacting to that, Bobrisky claim those who wish to see him in his old age should first of all pray for long life. He claim its only those who have long life that will live long to see him old. He wrote:” Those of you always saying you cant wait to see how I will look at 50 years, Pray for long life first. You fit first me die oo”

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