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Video of Obofour seated on a ‘cobra throne’ finally explained

Recently, Rev Isaac Obofour went under reaction after a video of him easily situated on a gold-plated lofty position planned with elements of a cobra surfaced on the web.

The seat, accepted to be in his home, had the top of a monster and fierce looking snake with its mouth completely open like it was prepared to strike at its prey.

The viral video caused a huge mix among netizens who scrutinized the Man of God’s choice to gain such a seat or even take pictures with it.

Others affirmed that snakes are related with devils and malicious things thus, involving them as brightening pieces in his home shows his relationship with the occultic world.

Fire up. Obofour, then again, has since stayed quiet and his quietness has fairly left space for the approval of such cases.

However, U.S based Ghanaian business big shot, Dr. Samuel Twumasi, has responded to claims that Rev. Isaac Obofour claims a ‘cobra-enlivened’ privileged position.

As unveiled by Dr. Twumasi, the popular ‘cobra-enlivened privileged position’ rather has a place with him, not the pioneer behind the Anointed Palace Chapel.

“That was my palace and Rev. Obofour only paid a harmless visit. When he came, he was properly welcomed. He only took pictures with the seat in my palace. The Cobra is my customized chair, and barely will you see anyone with it. It’s not even on the market,” he said in an interview with Daily View GH.

“Those were just photos. Even foreigners from different countries usually throng my palace for excursions. We teach them about the Ghanaian culture, its history and all.”

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