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Don’t Marry If You Live In A Single Room – Oboy Siki to young men

Ghanaian veteran entertainer has imparted a recommendation to young fellows who needs to wed and are not monetarily stable.

Conceived Nana Ofori Agyemang, a dubious Ghanaian superstar in Ghana. The entertainer has been in the information because of multiple factors. In another turn of events, he has imparted a recommendation to young fellows who need to get hitched.

As per Oboy Siki, any man who is living in a solitary room shouldn’t consider getting hitched. On the off chance that you are a young fellow living in a solitary room, don’t wed. The marriage breakdown early”, Oboy Siki exhorted on Ghanaman TV in a conversation.

Oboy Siki is of the assessment that when couples live in a solitary room, they will generally see each other habitually which doesn’t fill in marriage. He added that when the spouse likewise conceives an offspring, it is conceivable the new youngster will obliterate the properties in the room since the kid is in every case near those things.

“This doesn’t make the marriage a happy one. What you have to do is you need to rent a separate house for the woman until you are able to build your own house”, he told Nana Yeboah the host of the show “Ka Na Wu”, he said.

“Marrying in a single room is the major cause of most broken marriages”, Oboy Siki added.

He likewise revealed that remaining in asingle room keeps men from having extra conjugal affiars or even a subsequent spouse.

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