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Don’t Marry If You Live In A Single Room – Oboy Siki to young men

Ghanaian veteran entertainer has imparted a recommendation to young fellows who needs to wed and are not monetarily stable. Conceived Nana Ofori Agyemang, a dubious Ghanaian superstar in Ghana. The entertainer has been in the information because of multiple factors. In another turn of events, he has imparted a recommendation to young fellows who need to get hitched. As per Oboy Siki, any man who is living in a solitary room shouldn't consider getting hitched. On the off chance that you are a young fellow living in a

All Those Who Endorsed Nana Addo’s 4 More 4 Nana Will Go To Hell-Oboy Siki Says

Questionable famous Ghanaian entertainer Nana Ofori Agyemang known as Oboy Siki has said that Ghanaians who embraced the decision government will confront the fury of God. It would be reviewed that during the 2020 races, some Ghanaians particularly big names utilized their foundation to embrace and lobby for President Akuffo-Addo. As per him, the people who embraced the decision government have oppressed the residents of the country to unendurable difficulties and should be tossed into hell fire. “I don’t know who

Ken Agyapong’s Presidential Bid Shows Nana Addo Is Incompetent-Oboy Siki

Kumawood star Oboy Siki claims Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo's idiocy has been uncovered by Kennedy Agyapong's decision to run for president. Oboy Siki, conceived Nana Ofori Agyemang, said in a meeting with Kofi TV that Kennedy Agyapong didn't have the foggiest idea about why some Ghanaians called President Akufo Addo uncouth until he decided to run for a similar work. He said, “The NPP has degenerated into a sham, and you have come to know that the Nana Addo you trusted is inept, and therefore you aspire to supplant

I Am The Most Brutally Honest Person In Ghana-Oboy Siki Brags

Oboy Siki, prepared entertainer and film maker, guarantees that he is the most earnest Ghanaian alive. The Kumawood film maker said that he sees himself as a novel person in Ghana on the grounds that so many Ghanaians are unscrupulous with regards to communicating with others. The neighborhood film business, which Oboy Siki portrayed as being brimming with frauds and saboteurs, is depicted as having minor debates inside it Moreover, he said that celebrated entertainer Kwadwo Nkansah (otherwise known as Lil Win) was

Tracey Boakye’s Marriage Won’t Last For Even 6 Months; It’s Staged-Oboy Siki Says

Kumawood entertainer, Oboy Siki, says Tracey Boakye's union with Frank Badu won't endure longer than a half year. As per the entertainer, he accepts the marriage between the entertainer and her mate has been organized as a concealment. "I don't see it as marriage, I see it as a stunt, I feel they sat and plotted something," he said in a meeting The Kumawood actor who holds the view that Tracey's marriage is a cover up says "it's not the type of marriage that God said the two shall become one. It's not God's plan …

I Will Kill Any Child Of Mine Who Tries To Be An Actress Or Actor, Its A Foolish Job-Oboy Siki

Famous Kumawood actor who is well known for having intimate moment with about 3,000 women has said that never will he allow any of his kids to go into film making. According to him any child of his who tries to be an actress or actor will face his wrath and he will go to the extent of eliminating the child if he or she insists. Speaking on why he won't allow his kids t go into acting, he noted that its a foolish job and so he wouldn't allow his children to venture into it. He made this comment while speaking in an

I’ve Had Intercourse With Over 3,000 Women & My Dad Had 65 Children With 15 Women – Oboy Siki Reveals (Video)

Kumawood entertainer, Nana Kofi Agyemang otherwise known as Oboy Siki, has disclosed that his late dad brought forth 65 children with around fifteen ladies. In an interview on Delay Show, which has been sighted by Pinaxnews.com, the veteran entertainer told the host Deloris Frimpong Manso otherwise called Delay that his family has a history of adoring sex, ladies, and procreating more. He uncovered that his dad brought forth a sum of 65 kids with various ladies. Oboy Siki described how he used to have various illicit

Any Man Who Marries Only One Wife Is Wicked-Oboy Siki

Famous Kumawood actor popularly known as Oboy Siki born Santos Nana Ofori Agyemang dada has said that it is mere wickedness if any man commits himself to one woman in marriage. Speaking in an interview on Bryt TV he noted that if any man marries only one woman then that man is wicked because men have the privilege of marrying more if they can cater for them. He mentioned that for politicians in the country especially members of Parliament, they must be given more wives so they stop having side chicks. Oboy Siki

Video: Lilwin Does Not Think Before He Talks And Dr. Likee Uses His Phone To Snub People- Oboy Siki Exposes His Colleague Entertainers

Popular Kumawood entertainer, Oboy Siki has officially added his voice to Lilwin and Dr Likee's drama which is currently a bone of contention on some social media platforms. About a couple of days prior, Dr. Likee censured Lilwin when they met at an occasion. He pretended as though he was making a phone call when his colleague entertainer, Lilwin, made an attempt to exchange pleasantries with him. Dr. Likee gave a shaky reason about his actions during a interview with Zion Felix which was chanced on by our outfit.

Recent Happenings In Ghana Proves Nana Addo Is Unqualified To Criticize Mahama-Kumawood Actor Opines

Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki has sided with John Mahama on his comment that anyone who has never been president before nor occupied a position near the presidency cannot criticize a President. To him, Dr. Bawumia had not occupied any position near the Presidency and for that reason cannot criticize a President. ''Did you hear Bawumia say incompetent Mahama? You have never held any responsibility anywhere near the Presidency before; you don't know what its like to be President, John Mahama stated.'' John Mahama
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