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Police Officer Caught on Camera Har*ssing Lady In A Car Arrested By Police

A video of a young woman being har@ssed in a car by some police officers popped up on social media making many furious over the fact that the police who should be protecting citizens are now harming them.


In the video one of the police man whose face was captured was seen touching and kissing the lady’s thighs and when she questioned him, he rather defended his action with a claim that the lady is unclad.

Unknow to him while he was har@ssing the lady she was recording every act.

The Ghana Police Service have released a press statement announcing that they have arrested the perpetrator.

According to the statement the police officer works at the Regional Operations Unit, Bono Regional Police Command. He has been arrested and assisting police investigation for violating the dignity victim.

The police in the statement has therefore assured the victim and the public that full investigations will be conducted into the matter and the public will be updated soon.

The police officer is identified as General Lance Corporal Victor Antwi Yeboah.



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