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Lady compensated with N5M and a car after suing a Guy who failed on his promise to marry her

According to a certain Nigerian lawyer on Twitter, a client of theirs was compensated with a whooping N5M after she sued her ex fiancee for promising her marriage and calling it off.

Identified as Valerian Nwadike, the young lady dragged the man to court to sue but the man pleaded they settle the matter out of court instead which brought the final verdict of him paying her a whooping N5M and a brand new car.

He wrote” Someone promised our client marriage they got engaged & he later broke her heart by marrying another. Long Story Short we sued & he pleaded we settle out of court, he paid my client 5m got her a car in compensation. We agreed to the terms and settled out of court.

Our Pleadings was Top Tier by the Way! So hey, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUE.

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