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“21 years later, Still going Strong” Husband of Nollywood Actress Omoni Oboli pens down a heart felt post to celebrate their 21st wedding Anniversary

The handsome Husband of Nollywood Actress, Omoni Oboli, Nnamdi Oboli on his official Instagram page has dropped a heart felt message as he and his wife celebrate their 21st marriage Anniversary.

In the post, Nnamdi talked about how they met and how much he is still in love with his wife all these years they have been together. Sharing a lovely post of themself, He wrote:

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21 years later…
Still going strong !!!??
We met
It wasn’t any of the usual meetings between two people who planned to spend the rest of their lives together, but so grateful to God that in that one meeting a union was established
We fell
We are still falling in love, basking in the beauty of our decision that in spite of what may come our way, every single moment will be cherished
We love
The love grew, not as result of a Disney-styles romance that’s superficial and untouchable, but a very real love that’s not embellished by the fantasy but enjoying each moment as it comes
We stood
We’re still standing, not in the basis of how well we’ve performed rightly towards each other at all times, but the acknowledgment of God’s grace and the willingness on our part to match in step to love’s beating drums
We worship
The God who has done this; who has blessed this, and who has stepped in to complete the threefold cord that makes this unbreakable bond real is worthy of worship!!!
We pray
In thankfulness we are overwhelmed that the decision to not choose our own way but God’s way in Christ has been the wind that sail our marital ship
Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary to my lovely wife who been great for these years and the gift that God keeps on giving me and the family we’re so blessed to have made together. ??

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