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“I dont want to get married again or have kids” Princess Shyngle cries out

Ghanaian Actress Princess Shyngle has dropped a very controversial post on social media that has got her fans talking. Princess Shyngle, a well-known actress from Ghana who is of Gambian descent, has explained why she doesn't want to remarry. Just three months after getting married, Princess Shyngle filed for divorce from Gibou Bala Gaye, her childhood sweetheart.Considering that many did not know the precise reason for their divorce, it generated a lot of conversation.Princess Shyngle appears to have lost interest in

Hajia Bintu exposed for lying about acquiring a Jaguar car after her Trip to Nigeria

Video Vixen and content creator Hajia Bintu has been exposed for lying about acquiring a new Jaguar car a few days after she returned from Nigerian. A few days ago it was reported that Hajia Bintu has acquired a brand Jaguar justa few days after she returned from a Business trip in Nigeria. Social media users claim the Business Trip she went was not in vain as she used her Asset to gain the car she claims to have acquired. In the video which went viral on social media, Hajia was seen walking to the car where she was been

Getting pregnant become harder when you are ready to have a baby – Princess Shyngle

Ghanaian based Gambia Actress Princess Shyngel has revealed how hard it is for her to get pregnant now that she is ready to have kids. Princess made headlines a couple of Months ago after she lost her Pregnancy, Her boyfriend went to jail and married and got divorce from her best friend of 10 years. On her Official Instagram page, Princess Shyngle has revealed how hard it is for her now to get pregnant. She claim when people are ready to have kids, they can have sex for 3 years yet nothing but when not ready they have

Nigeria Men really know how to spoil their women however they like cheating a lot – Princess Shyngle reveals

Gambian Actress Princess Shyngle has dropped her opinion about Nigerian Men after dating quite a number of them According to princess, Nigeria Men really know how to spoil their women when they are in a relationship however they really like cheating that is something you cannot take away from them Princess has made several headlines after her marriage to her bestie of 10 year hit the rocks due to Abuse

Princess Shyngle celebrate her achievement as she named as one of the most curvy celebrities in Africa

Gambian Actress Princess Shyngle has taken to social Media to Jubilate her achievement after she was named as one of the most curvy African Celebrities According to princess Shyngle, She has been trending since 2016 on Google just because of her curvy body and she took to her Instagram page to shade all those who call her body fake. She wrote; Omggggg I’m literally trending on google y’all ??❤️ for 6 years in a row I’ve been named Africa’s most curvy celebrity since 2016?????? and we did it again this year ??? I’m so

“Single but still a wife Material” Princess Shyngle announces on social media

Ghanaian Actress Princess Shygle has dropped Photos of herself and according to her she is single but still a wife material It could be recalled that the Ghanaian Actress has been involved in a lot of controversies ever since she announced her relationship with her first boyfriend, Fredric Barji who is currently serving time in jail for Fraud, The actress then went ahead to marry another man whom she claim has been her best friend for 10 years now but sadly the marriage ended badly due to alleged violence. The

Princess Shyngle shocks her fans and followers as she rocks no Make Up, No Wig and Waist Trainer

Gambia based Ghanaian Actress Princess Shyngle has dropped a Photo of her self rocking her Natural beauty on social media The Actress who is popularly known for her curves dropped a Picture of her rocking no wig, no make up and even no waist trainer as she normally does. Princess Shyngle in the Photo was seen rocking a black short dress with a short hair. The actress looked really different as she is always rocking a wig, make up and her waist trainer. She wrote: No makeup, No wig, No waist trainer, No earrings, No

“Speak for Yourself” Nigerian Actress Uche Elendu slams Princess Shyngle for saying men and women can’t be Bestie without…

Nollywood Actress Uche Elendu has hit back at Princess Shyngle for her comment saying Men and Women cannot be best friends without intimacy According to Princess Shyngle, there is no such thing as Bestie in Africa unless on is crushing on the other or the man is Gay. She made this statement due to her experience she had with her former Best friend for 10 before she got married to him. However Uche Elendu has dropped a post slamming Princess Shyngle because According to Uche, She once a best friend for 3 years and she

“There is no such thing as a man and woman being besties in Africa, unless the guy is 100% gay” – Princess Shyngle

Ghanaian Actress Princess Shyngle claim unless a man is 100% gay there is not way he can be a bestie with a woman without them knacking. In a post she shared on her Instagram page, she claim its either they are sleeping with each other or one is crushing on the other. She claim Male and Female bestie do not exist in Africa. Using herself as an example, she claim the first man she got married to was someone who was her bestie for 10 years and through that period. each time they meet they have intimacy despite he having
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