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“I dont want to get married again or have kids” Princess Shyngle cries out

Ghanaian Actress Princess Shyngle has dropped a very controversial post on social media that has got her fans talking. Princess Shyngle, a well-known actress from Ghana who is of Gambian descent, has explained why she doesn’t want to remarry.

Just three months after getting married, Princess Shyngle filed for divorce from Gibou Bala Gaye, her childhood sweetheart.
Considering that many did not know the precise reason for their divorce, it generated a lot of conversation.
Princess Shyngle appears to have lost interest in marriage as evidenced by her warning men not to propose to her. Previous marriages of Princess Shyngle have apparently failed.
She said, “I don’t ever want to get married again; the notion of me ever being married makes me ill to my stomach.”

Miss Shyngle said, “so if we’re dating don’t be phoning and messaging me every day, once a week is fine enough,” issuing a caution to any guy or woman who may find himself or herself dating her.
“Never introduce me to anyone in your family or circle of acquaintances.
You won’t hear from me again if you try to propose to me, so don’t even think about it.
I don’t care if you’re bisexual; as long as you’re paying my expenses, supporting my aspirations, giving me fantastic d**k, and buying me nice crap, I’ll be the happiest person in the world.

“Feel free to have as many baby mamas as you want. I’m not interested in having children.
Finally, never mention me on media platforms or tell me you love me, she pleaded in a post.

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