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You chopped your mothers boyfriend and she sacked you Shut up – Maa linda in hot soup.

Controversial TikTok star, Linda Osei is being humiliated after getting involved in a social media fight.

TikToker Florence has revealed Maa Linda allegedly slept with her mother’s fiance in U.S and was disowned and thrown in the streets.

According to her, Linda Osei was wasting her life on alcohol and sleeping men in Ghana before her mother came for her.

But she stole her mothers happiness,destroyed the peace in her home by having an affair with her fiance.

According to reports, Linda Osei and her mother are not in talking terms because the issue has not been resolved.

Linda Osei is getting her secrete exposed for supporting a certain guy, Osei Milla who has reportedly dumped a lady who helped him for his ex-girlfriend.

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