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Nigerian Singer Yemi Alade survives car accident

Yemi Alade, a musician from Nigeria, said that she was in a vehicle accident but managed to escape with only minor injuries.

She spoke out about the accident on her Instagram page, thanking God that she suffered just minor injuries. During her visit, she stated that the vehicle accident occurred in Barcelona and Benicassim in Spain.

The singer was initially seen in the video shared on her page exhibiting her broken nail, which was luckily the only harm she got from the hit. ‘It appears like you’ve been in a wreck,’ said Alade’s iPhone, alerting her to the crash. Medical personnel were also observed taking her blood pressure.

Alade explained that the incident happened on August 17, 2023, and that it wasn’t the only thing that went wrong that day. She said that she suffered from weariness after performing only seven hours following the tragedy. The actress complained about being unable to move her arm in the video, following which she was inspected by paramedics again.

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Her caption read, On the 17th of August, we were in a car crash, somewhere between Barcelona and Benicassim in Spain at 12:06(noon). I also experienced a minor medical emergency from exhaustion after performing on stage 7 hours after the incident on the same day.”

Refusing to be depressed by the mishap, the performer stated that she had a fantastic time at the after-party following her performance. She then expressed her deep thankfulness to God for his protection.

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In her words, “Somehow, I ended up at the “after party” (leave me o. my mind needed positive vibrations)Life is for the living… I didn’t want to put this out, but the devil had other plans, but my Jehovah jiray said NO! The blood of Jesus spoke for us. I only lost a nail, it all happened suddenly, Nothing is too sudden or complicated for God. His Grace is more than sufficient.”

Alade has subsequently received an outpouring of love and prayers from friends, loved ones, and fellow celebrities concerned for her well-being.

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