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Gyakye Quayeson accuses the Akufo Addo administration of colluding against him in court.

James Gyakye Quayson, MP for Assin North Constituency, asserts that the Akufo-Addo government is meddling in his daily trial.

Throughout the campaign for the Assin North by-elections, then-candidate James Gyakye Quayson was given notice to stand trial every day of the week.Before the proceedings were switched to a daily schedule, he travelled from his constituency to the court each week.

Godfred Yeboah Dame, the Attorney General, claimed that due to the allegations against Quayson, he might be sentenced and imprisoned if proven guilty, thus the necessity for a speedy trial.

The MP remarked on Citi TV, “The daily trial began when the 2023 campaign began.” It struck me as an effort to keep me from running for and winning the seat. That was the greatest idea they were able to come up with. “I never thought the government could be involved in the judiciary, but now I’m convinced.”

Although he acknowledged that the daily trial added a bit of stress to him, it had no impact on his probabilities of getting the seat. “During the elections, the pressure of the daily trial was there, but that daily trial didn’t work. I even joked that they could give me a chamber in the court, and I would still win the seat. I didn’t have to be on the grounds,” he said.

Meanwhile,James Gyakye Quayson formally asked the General Legal Council (GLC) to take action regarding the Attorney General in a letter.

According to Quayson’s appeal, Dame has been accused of unprofessionalism related to his present criminal case at the High Court.

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