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Osu Castle to be Converted to a Museum soon- Tourism Minister

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture has announced plans to transform the old Osu Castle into a presidential and governance museum.The museum will pay honour to Ghana’s previous presidents, remembering their efforts to contribute to the country’s prosperity while providing an in-depth look at its political growth.

“This endeavour forms a pivotal part of our ministry’s ongoing commitment to establish a tangible space that honours and commemorates the legacy of Ghana’s distinguished presidents, Dr. Mohammed asserted.

Dr. Ibrahim Awal Mohammed, Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, said this on Monday, August 13, 2023, during an Editor’s event aimed at reuniting media support for the sector in Accra.

He stressed the ministry’s wider goal of fostering historical appreciation throughout the country.

“We have ambitious plans to build new museums across the country,” he said.

“Notably, we will soon begin construction on a “heroes park” dedicated to the revered big six,” he said.

“In addition,” the Tourism Minister stated, “modernization initiatives are on the horizon for major attractions such as the Danquah circle, Busia circle at 37, and many more spanning regions such as Saltpond, Tamale, and Kyebi over the coming year.”

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