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Rapper Ladipoe talks about Wizkid’s controversial comments about rap music: “Nobody Needs to Be Insulted.”

Ladipoe, a well-known rapper from Nigeria, recently made headlines after offering his thoughts on some controversial statements made by Wizkid, also a rapper from Nigeria. The star of the film More Love, Less Ego stated in an interview that quickly went viral that “rap is dead.” This prompted a number of angry responses from Nigerian rappers, who have since spoken out against the statement.

Wizkid continued his tirade against the hosts by asserting that their responses to his interview were both pointless and pitiful. He said this in response to a question they asked him. He stated this in an effort to prove his point more clearly.

Ladipoe, who had previously only commented on Twitter at the beginning of this whole thing, elaborated on his position during a recent interview. The interview was conducted by a third party. The interview was conducted by a third party who was not affiliated with either party.

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