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Transport fares will not be reduced despite the reduction in fuel prices – Drivers Union speak

Despite the drop in gasoline prices, the True Drivers Union has stated that it does not plan to lower transportation costs. Yaw Barimah, the public relations representative for the True Drivers Union, highlighted that the drivers had no justification for lowering the cost of transportation.

In an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the PR Officer, Yaw Barimah, stated that although they are aware of the drop in gasoline costs, they do not plan to lower their pricing.
“We are aware that fuel prices have dropped. Although we would want to, we are unable to lower transportation costs. We won’t even reduce the price by one pesewa. There has been no modification.
We are not willing to reduce transportation prices as a result.

“Do you cheer and clap for a robber if he steals from you and you follow him down and he gives you back some of what he stole from you?” He inquired. Why should we lower transportation costs, he said, when the price of gasoline and replacement components had already increased beyond average levels?

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