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Nigerians pray for Davido and Chioma after rumors of their secret marriage was confirmed despite losing their only son a few weeks ago

The Nigerian family, the Adeleke, experienced great sadness on November 1st, 2022, when their infant son, Ifeanyi, succumbed to the cold, cruel grip of death.
The 3-year-old youngster is alleged to have perished in the home pool when his nanny briefly abandoned him to take care of something else.

It is alleged that while they were at a family event in another state, his parents, Nigerian superstar Davido and his celebrity chef wife Chioma Avril, left the child in the care of his nanny.
As Ifeanyi celebrated his birthday just a few days before the icy hands of death laid its chilly grip on him, social media users were shocked by the news.

The Nigerian singer, who was in a state of bereavement, postponed all of his planned performances that were scheduled for the later months of November and December.
Numerous celebrities also expressed their sorrow and condolences to the family on their various social media platforms.

After the unexpected loss, Davido was later found to have surreptitiously paid Chioma’s bride price.
Many people on social media attacked his choice, questioning whether he had married the woman merely out of sympathy for her awful loss of their son.
Others claimed that there was a ritual that needed to be carried out before Davido could see his son or even bury him.

Pictures and videos of famous couples after the devastating loss of their son surfaced online just yesterday.
The singer’s remarkable weight loss was observed on social media, but others also noticed the wedding bands on the couple’s fingers, confirming the reports of their secret wedding.
Then they prayed for the newlyweds and that they missed the formerly boisterous Nigerian singer who delighted his followers.

Even while those around him tried to cheer him up, Davido appeared to be really depressed in the video. Below are some pictures from the event.

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