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La borrow and Fake Life nkoaa – Fella Makafui under attack for flaunting a Brand New Corvette

As a result of the online uproar that Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui and her husband Medikal provoked a few weeks ago, she has released photos of her brand-new Lamborghini, adding to the pressure. The images were published on her official Instagram profile, where they received a lot of feedback.

The Lamborghini was the subject of a stunning photo shoot in which Fella in the Photos claimed that acquiring the car was worth the stress she had been going through the previous weeks.

She was seen in the car in one of the pictures, so it appears that she was getting ready to leave.Many social media users congratulated the mother of one in the comment area, while others blasted her for pressuring the youths with her phony lifestyle.

Posting the Pictures, She captioned it: Worth every Headache.

Below are some replies from Netizens under her Photo.

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