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“My relationship with Poverty is over” Chinedu Ikedieze {Aki} speaks on his fears

Chinedu Ikedieze, better known by his stage name Aki, is a well-known actor from Nigeria with a petite build. He has spoken about his dislike of poverty.
The actor claims that while poverty used to be his biggest worry, it is no longer terrifying to him.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “Obviously, no one would want to chance poverty if one has encountered it previously” (laughs).Every day, I work very hard to eradicate poverty. I’m positive that my relationship with poverty is over.The actor continued, saying that even if he and his teammate Osita Iheme, Pawpaw, played a number of overused characters in the early stages of their careers, they were only doing their jobs. Nothing, he proclaimed.We were merely having fun playing.

Speaking on his friendship with the late Ada Ameh, with whom he co-starred in the well-known television series, he said, ““The Johnsons” is not simply a sitcom for me; it’s a platform through which we — both the cast and staff — have come together to build a family.”

This shows how much we value each other.Since Ada was a woman and the family’s primary provider, her situation was unusualThe screen was activated and deactivated by Ada and me.The truth is that “Aki Na Ukwa” is a movie, and that’s where our connection and close relationship began.She was a very delicate person who hated injustice and was cheerful, giving, and humanistic.She is missed for everything.

Given the extent of poverty within the country, Ikedieze replied to those who accuse actors of flaunting their wealth by saying, “The truth is that they (actors) earn the money and know the weight of their pockets.
They decide how to spend money as a result.
Being kind to others happens naturally to me.
One cannot give what one does not have.

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