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Pull him down syndrome is in the DNA of Ghanaians – Gyakie

Exciting female craftsman Jackeline Acheampong referred to in the music space as Gyakie has said that ‘pull him down’ disorder is the thing to take care of in Ghana.

As indicated by the youthful craftsman, the “pull him down” disorder is one of the issues of most Ghanaians. He referenced that that disorder isn’t just in the music space however all over.

“Yeah as for the pull him down syndrome it is everywhere like in music, movies, even with radio work there are plenty,” she told Amansan Krakye.

She added, “There are colleagues around you who equally wants their colleagues who are rising to fall, so as for that one it is everywhere”.

Addressing the host, Amansan Krakye, Gyakie unveiled that she knows that being a superstar calls for circumstances where negative remarks will be spread about her notwithstanding, the songstress said she doesn’t focus on the individuals who tear down her.

She forged ahead with the Kastle Drive Show “However one thing is me I generally say that my psyche is set some place so I don’t focus on things around me which are not positive.

“Sometimes you go on social media and you see someone’s tweet which is negative which will hurt you a bit but at the same time you know your vision and where you want to be,” she opined.

“That’s where I set my mind to do so what everyone is saying about me and my career falling apart is my back case,” Gyakie concluded on the show.

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