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We need Asamoah Gyan at Blackstars’ camp –says Sonnie Badu

Gospel craftsman Sonnie Badu has said that it will be essential for previous Dark Stars chief Asamoah to be in the camp with the group.

As per the gospel performer, he is of the assessment that the presence of Asamoah will be required in the camp of the public group in light of the fact that Asamoah Gyan is as yet a public resource thus we ought to esteem and love him all things considered.

Sonnie Badu revealed that he is near the public football crew of Nigeria and has been seeing a portion of the legends like Kanu and JJ OKOCHA there with the other group. He addressed why some Ghanaian football legends like Abedi Pele, John Painstil, and others are never at the camp of the group.

He wrote on his Instagram…

“Perhaps my opinion might cause a lot of problems. Nonetheless, someone must address it and so I will… WHAT IS ASAMOAH GYAN @asamoah_gyan3 doing leading “Jama” with spectators – when he is Ghana’s record holder of goals. And even beats some of the top player like Henry on world cup goals .. Is he not allowed in the camp? Can he not be there to help the younger generations? I am quite close to some of the @ng_supereagles players … When they are in the camp – you will see legends like: Kanu and JJ OKOCHA there with them. Why is Abedi Pele never around? Why is Yeboah never around? What about John Mensah and John Painstil? Is the reason political? Well, any institution that plays politics can never progress…
All these young players in there use to play GYAN on FIFA … Get Djan to help shape them.. I apologize in advance if anyone is offended… #Blackstars is all we have and take pride in as a nation ..’

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