There is more cash in movies than gold – David Dontoh


Veteran Ghanaian entertainer David Dontoh otherwise called Ghana Man has expressed that there is more cash in the film business than in gold mining.

David Dontoh has been in the film business for a considerable length of time and has had a beneficial outcome with his motion pictures. As per him, the film business is more worthwhile than the gold mineral.

Mr. Dontoh made sense of that assuming cash is put resources into the film business, it will be more worthwhile and produce more cash than having a gold mineral.

“It will excite them, it will interest them to probe further and even find ways of capturing that material in a film then it will attract the investors”.

“I tell you there is gold in films which is more valuable than the gold we have in the ground. This is because storytelling is limitless. There is no limit to what you can do with films. So what is holding us?” David Dontoh quizzed in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM.

Talking about how the public authority has been not able to help the film business, David Dontoh said there is a need to construct foundations to help the business.

“How many theatre festivals do we have here? How many music festivals? We must do things that are magnetic, interesting, and things that people would want to come and watch. We don’t have it all because we don’t see their importance. And we don’t think we can even make money out of them”, he said adding that, it is the only industry that can employ every professional”.

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