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Uche Ogbodo breaks down, slams critics over her relationship with Yul Edochie’s wives

Nollywood entertainer Uche Ogbodo has separated in a video as she tends to pundits for showing support for both the senior and junior spouses of entertainer Yul Edochie.

Uche Ogbodo has been confronting reaction from a few virtual entertainment clients for remarking and loving the photographs of Yul Eochies’ most memorable spouse May Edochie and the second wife Judy Austin.

In an Instagram live video shared by the entertainer, she bludgeoned her savages and furthermore went after those hauling her and her man in the midst of tears. Uche Ogbodo related the battles she went through while as a single parent and the many disdain remarks and reviles she got when she was pregnant for her more youthful male accomplice.

This eruption from Uche Ogbodo comes subsequent to leaving a complimenting remark on Judy Austin’s page and simultaneously, reassuring May Yul Edochie as she explores through her relationship.

She said,

“I will not stop suddenly because you are who? Who is your papa? Are you mad? If I see pictures, I like, I will comment. You look at yourself in the mirror and think you can tell me what to do. You even go as far as tagging my man.”

“I have been a single mother for years, I dey struggle, God save me, he brought me happiness, that happiness they kill una, that happiness they pepper una. When I was pregnant, you all cursed me, wished me evil, said my boyfriend will dump me, but he didn’t and now you all want to die”.

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