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Married Man who leaks wife’s affair with her Ex boyfriend finally narrate what happened and how he will deal with them

It was earlier reported her about a leaked chat between a Married man and her lover which was discovered by her Husband after she left her Phone behind while going to the Market. The Husband out of Curiosity decided to check her Whatsapp even tho he trusted her.

In the chat, the woman cried out to her boyfriend about her husband not been able to satisfy her in bed because He was a 2 minute man. She also praised her Boyfriend for been able to go for hours in bed satisfying her till she begs him to stop.

The married man has been left heartbroken after reading the chat and he has finally dropped his side of the story. The Husband revealed that his wife cheated on him the night before their wedding. He claim his wife made him trust her by leaving her Phone around each time she was going out.

He claim he had no reasons to doubt her, however he decided to check her messages that day out of curiosity and that was when he found out she was cheating on him. He then vowed to make them pay till they are left penniless and homeless on the streets.

Below if the man’s version.

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