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Afia Schwar’s son James calls and begs Maa Linda to stop trolling his Mother due to humiliation after she brought back her cheating video with “Efo Blanket”

Tik Tok star Maa Linda has revealed that Afia Schwar’s son James has reached out to her and apologized and begged on behalf on his Mother. According to her, James reached out to her through a friend begging her to stop trolling and humiliating his Mother.

According to Linda, she claim James said they have advised their Mother to stop the social media beef as its affecting them but their Mother seems not to care about how they feel. Maa Linda claim she would not accept the apology as Afia has revealed that they would drag each other till eternity and she is ready for it

This comes after Maa Linda resurrected the humiliation Afia suffered when she was caught in bed with an man known as “Efo Blanket” while she was married to Abrokwa. Linda in one of her Videos was seen with a towel mimicking when Afia was caught with Efo blanket and she was heard telling Abrokwa about how she went in for a loan for their wedding

Tho Maa Linda begged Afia to cease fire due to how its affecting their children, She decided to let it go and got back to beefing Afia after Afia curses her daughters to die during child birth.


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