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Ukraine invasion ‘a war chosen by one man’ – Joe Biden blasts Putin at United Nations General Assembly

US President, Joe Biden has censured Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine while talking at the Unified Countries General Get together on Wednesday, September 21.

As worries over Russia possibly utilizing atomic weapons develops, Biden pursued Russian President Vladimir Putin, only hours after Putin requested an incomplete preparation of 300,000 reservists and guaranteed he was ‘not feigning’ about his eagerness to utilize atomic weapons against the West.

‘Just today, President Putin has made overt nuclear threats against Europe,’ Biden said, adding that the Kremlin was ‘shamelessly’ organizing a ‘sham referendum’ in violation of the UN Charter.

Biden’s location pummeled Russia for disregarding the Contract, which exists to keep nations from unnecessarily going after one another.

He even upbraided Russia’s legitimization for the intrusion.

‘This world should see these outrageous acts for what they are. Putin claims he had to act because Russia was threatened, but no one threatened Russia, and no one other than Russia sought conflict,’ Biden said.

Biden got down on Russia for its unlawful and reckless attack of Ukraine.

‘A permanent member of the United Nations Security Council invaded its neighbor, attempted to erase the sovereign state from the map,’ he said.

The conflict, as indicated by Biden, is tied in with ‘smothering Ukraine’s on the right track to exist’ as both a state and individuals.

Biden promised to remain with different nations in fortitude with Ukraine.

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