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“She was once a Slay Queen” Martha Ankomah bashed after dropping “Chrife” Photos of herself

Ghanaian Actress Martha Ankomah is known to be one of the very few Actress in the Movie Industry popularly known for her decency. The Actress according to Fans is one of the few who hasnt gone under the knife, doesnt smoke, drink or even expose certain part of her body just to entice her fans.

The Actress for sometime now has been missing off our screen tho she usually share Photos of herself decently rocking her attire to church. It seems the Actress has forsaken her old lifestyle as she has chosen to go the Lord’s way

However some people think the Actress is only portraying a “Chrife” life as according to some the people should stop hailing the Actress as she was once a Slay Queen just like her colleague and should be thankful to God for making her see the light.

One user wrote:

So this is the only picture she has? she took this picture about 10years ago and every day they want use it to blackmail us that she look innocent but we All know she used to expose her body. Now she has changed.Speak the truth about our celebs before someone start investigations on them.

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