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“If you dont love a Man, dont collect his Money” Jaruma reacts to the killing of young Nigerian Lady by her Chinese lover

Nigerian Kyamata seller Jaruma known in real life Hauwa Saidu has taken to social media to react to the murder of a Nigerian Lady by her Chinese lover a few days ago. The murder of Ummunkulthum Sani made headlines a few days ago after it was reported that she was stabbed by her chines lover identified as Gheng Chu

According to Jaruma, Women should never collect things from people they know they have no feelings for especially if they are aware the other party has very deep affection for them. Its been alleged that Gheng’s reason for stabbing Ummunkulthum is due to the fact that she failed her end of the bargain after she refused to marry her after he has spent hug sums of Money on her.

She then advised Men, claiming they should stop hanging out with women they known they would not marry or have no future with. She claim the deceased wanted to outsmart the suspect after she took huge sums of Money from him to acquire properties in her name and also after He funded her trips outside the country

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