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“There is nothing like an Yuroba Demon, it was an Igbo man that served me Proper Breakfast, I saw Shege” Uriel Oputa cries out

Reality TV Star Uriel Oputa has revealed that the theme Yoruba Demon is not entirely true as she has had her fair share of the early morning breakfast and it wasnt even from that tribe. According to her, an igbo man served her breakfast which has left her in shambles

On her Instagram stories, Uriel wrote:“Let me tell you, this Yoruba Demon thing is a Lie. The person wey show me correct pepper with a side dish of pepper soup is an igbo man. I saw shege. Its not a Terrible thing biko”

The reality TV Star has for sometime now been lamenting about being single and claim its hard to find a man nowadays. She claim tho she has joined a lot of dating apps its has not being successful but she has not given up hope yet.

She again wrote:“I rebuke all who forced me to join Nigerian dating app. You will Adewale Akin from Ibadan with Justin Timberlake as Profile Picture. Nnah Meehn Ogini by this thing na. People dey pose for Bush with Koi koi shoe. Camera full everywhere as backdrop. O gini na. So picture for this app go make you Thank God sey you dey Single. Because Profile Pictures dey vex anyhow.”

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